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Sustainable goals VUB Webshop

The VUB Webshop goes for sustainability. This means that some items will be replaced by more responsible alternatives. Also, our suppliers and logistic partners are checked for their ecological efforts. We are looking for a (challenging) balance in following 3 pillars:

1. Ecological materials
2. Sustainable production process
3. (student) Wallet and modern comfort needs
Gadgets which score good on these pillars are marked with a green frame, referring to the P from Planet from the VUB ‘The world needs you’ campaign.

Ecological materials

When possible, we choose for recycled PET bottles, recycled carboard or biological cotton.
All our paper is FSC approved. The by WWF and Greenpeace supported label guarantees a sustainable management of forest and/or recycling cycle.
Our range prefers tote bags instead of plastic bags, refill Doppers and lunchboxes instead of aluminium foil.

Sustainable production process

When possible, we use recycled bubble foil or -carboard and eco-polybags. We have second-hand shipping boxes and move to producers with environment friendly machinery (solar power, ecological inks, cycling policy, etc.). Finally, we offer first position for local suppliers or local finishing production.
We are working on a reuse and rethink mentality. You can buy for example recuperation or second-hand items for a low price in the VUB Webshop. In the future we will look for a collection point at the campuses, to group shipments.
For warehousing we work together with an inclusive and non-profit workplace. They provide employment for people with a distance to the job market, with special attention to psychic disabilities. Even for assembly of packages or goodie bags, we have inclusive workplace partners, to give opportunities in society social (re)integration.

(student) Wallet and modern comfort needs

We choose sustainable, qualitative and payable alternative items. We discard one-time-use goodies too, so the products might be more expensive but get economical interesting by long time use.
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The VUB Webshop cooperates with an inclusive and non-profit workplace De Brug vzw. They provide employment for people with a distance to the job market, with special attention to psychic disabilities.  
De Brug fosters their co-workers and gives possibilities to successful labour processes, by supporting them in different kinds of social levels.